What is next for Spurs?

We are at the end of the International Break and a big news has hit the Premier League. Pochettino adventure at Spurs is over. The team has had an awful start of the season in the Premier League, they are currently sitting in 14th place with only 14 points and their results have been a lot worse than last seasons. Will the departure of Poch save Spurs? Will they be able to reach a Champions League spot? What are their current issues and how to fix them?

We had a look at Spurs numbers and statistics in the charts below. On the left you see their offensive numbers (compared to the Premier League average). On the right their defensive numbers.

Spurs offensive numbers (grey) are compared with the Premier League average (violet). They are almost all below the Premier League average and the only positive statistics is the Shots precision (percentage of shots on target that turn into goals). This is worrying for a team that aims at the top of the league and has always tried to play an offensive football. It looks like Spurs lack mainly the ability to create chances and have probably a poor choice of shots, given that very few of them end up on target. They seem to have the precision to finish them though. This is a good sign that the forwards (Kane above all) are not the real problem here.

Defensive numbers are worrying. Spurs are at the bottom of the table for many statistics. Shots, shots on target and corners against are very high and it looks like Spurs are conceding a lot of chances to their opponents. Those chances are in dangerous areas too, they have conceded 72 shots on target, only Norwich has done worst. These are not the numbers of a sound team and I think the main problem of Spurs is indeed their defense. The goalkeeper is the only defensive asset that is performing above average. Both Lloris and Gazzaniga are good goalkeepers and they have tried to limit the damage as much as possible.

In the end it looks like Spurs main issues are around the defensive asset. They should really try to aim at fixing their defensive before anything else. Their forwards are top quality and they are performing at their best, given the chances that the team is creating for them. Improving the chance creation output is the second priority for the team and the form of Eriksen in this first part of the season has really not helped in that respect.

There are rumours that Mourinho could take the place of Pochettino on Spurs bench. Given his track record he would surely mitigate the problems in defense, probably by adopting a more defensive formation. Long term Spurs need probably stronger center backs to be able to play more offensively without conceding much to the opponents.

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